St. Mark's Basilica

Tips to Make the Most of Your St. Mark's Basilica Visit

Tips to enjoy your visit to St. Mark’s Basilica

1. Through the binoculars: For a clearer view of the mosaics, go to the gallery near the entrance to the museum.

2. No backpacks: As backpacks need to be deposited in Ateneo San Basso in the Piazzetta dei Leoncini (at the north facade to the left of the main entrance), make sure you take out your emergency items, such as an inhaler.

3. Dress code: Three things to keep in mind — no bare shoulders, no shorts, and men should wear shirts. Also, profane writings on your clothes will probably not be entertained.

4. Tour guide: You may think you’ve researched it all, but a tour guide will ease your way in. Your tour will be structured, aptly informed, and the guide will always be available for a short q&a.

5. Never hungry: Since there will mostly be an hour-long wait followed by a 3-hour-long viewing of the basilica, remember to keep yourself hydrated and fed. An empty stomach is a universal pet peeve.

6. Outdoor cafes: Once you are done with touring the basilica, you can sit at any of the outdoor cafes in Piazza San Marco and order a Bellini, a cocktail of Prosecco and peach nectar, to refresh yourself.

7. Pigeons: Make a note of this — NO FEEDING THE PIGEONS. It is prohibited as pigeon droppings cause major damage to the basilica. Violators could be fined €50 to €200.

8. Access for the disabled: People with disabilities or wheelchair users can use the ramp in the Porta dei Fiori, which is located on the left-hand side of the Basilica. Contact a staff member at the Fiori beforehand.

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